The “Grant Fund for Płock” Foundation is a good practice and a model for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Poland. Therefore, the creators of the campaign promoting these goals have included it in the report “Partnership in practice. Review of activities “. This document consists of the 15 most interesting, carefully selected good business practices and CSR, implementing SDGs, as well as the idea of partnerships, appreciated by the organizers of Campaign 17/17. The official premiere of this publication took place on December 6 during a conference organized by the Ministry of Development.

Global challenges, above all climate, but also economic and social, have reached the scale and level of complexity that we will not solve at the individual or even single organization level. That is why the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an opportunity to give future and future generations a better future. To achieve this goal, we must join forces, replace the primacy of individual interest thinking in the category of global, universal priorities – change the optics from “my world” to “our world” – believe the creators of the campaign.

Strong partnerships for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the key to success in achieving the global mission: a better world for our children and future generations. The direction of necessary actions is set by the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the tasks defined therein. An especially important role in the implementation of this ambitious plan is business – with its good practices, understanding the nature of challenges and readiness to cooperate within – and outside the sector. The “Grant Fund for Płock” Foundation is the best example, the project initiators recognized.

According to the authors of the report, the responsible approach of PKN ORLEN to sustainable development manifests itself by taking specific actions, the foundation of which is cooperation. It allows you to unite forces, bring various competences and increase the range and scale of initiatives. The “Grant Fund for Płock” is one of them, which is why its presentation takes place in the pages of the publication summarizing the Campaign 17/17 – “Partnership in practice. Review of activities “. The document is presented today at a conference in the Ministry of Development, during which it will be summarized in Campaign 17/17. It was during this process that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and related business opportunities were brought closer to businesses for 17 weeks. During the conference, the results of the Campaign will be presented and the plans for the next year presented – related to this topic.

Seventeen interconnected and complementary Sustainable Development Goals are a plan for sustainable development, strengthening peace and freedom in the world, agreed upon by the representatives of UN member states, business, numerous institutions and organizations. SDGs have their development in 169 detailed objectives or tasks. Poland committed – together with other UN member states – to carry them out by 2030. SDGs is an ambitious, universal plan of action, but also specific contemporary Esperanto, integrating the activities of governments, business and NGOs under the aegis of the United Nations.

Thanks to the support and systematic cooperation of funders, the “Grant Fund for Płock” Foundation has been financing and settling grants transferred to Płock non-governmental organizations for 15 years. It also initiates their own projects that get into social niches. In 2015, a new competition was launched in which projects implemented by individuals and informal groups can start. By January 2017, the Foundation implemented a total of 11 editions of grant competitions (the so-called all-season) and five editions of competitions concerning the organization of children’s and youth’s holiday during the holidays and school holidays. The fund supported over 350 projects for a total amount of nearly PLN 4.9 million. About 100,000 took part in them, representing  on average, 80% of the inhabitants of Płock.

Together with the organizers and project partners, as well as representatives of companies whose involvement in sustainable development has been recognized through the promotion of good practices on the pages of the publication “Partnership in practice. Review of activities “, we invite you to read it. The electronic version of the study, downloadable, is available from December 7 on this site.

The 17/17 campaign is the project implemented this year, for the purposes of Sustainable Development, initiated by CSR Consulting. As part of it, the Sustainable Development Goals were promoted, while at the same time creating a compendium useful from the business point of view on individual SDGs. Collected resources, including description of challenges, identified opportunities, good practices from Poland and around the world, reports and other publications or open initiatives in which business can be included, are available on the dedicated SDGs website: The project was implemented in substantive cooperation with the Center UNEP / GRID-Warsaw, Responsible Business Forum and Global Compact Network Poland. The initiative was covered by the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Development. Polish language version of the document: “We are transforming our world: Agenda for sustainable development 2030” (pdf file, size 738 kB).

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