Who we are

The Grant Fund Foundation for Płock is a pioneer initiative of the City of Płock in Poland, PKN ORLEN S.A. and Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. z o.o. An initiative undertaken as part of the social responsibility of business partners and the self-government’s concern for the development of Płock non-governmental organizations.
Thanks to the commitment of the Founders, we can financially support Płock associations, clubs and foundations at work to improve the lives of Płock citizens in every area, from sport, social care and culture.
Our activities are focused primarily on grant competitions, in which we transfer money to projects that are part of the Sustainable Development Strategy of Płock.

The Mission of Foundation

Our mission, which is specified by the socially responsible Founders, is to work on the lives of Płock citizens!

The Aim of Foundation

The main goal of the Foundation is to support commitment, actions and social grass-roots initiatives of NGOs and Płock citizens.

We are open to new business partners. Joining the group of donors of the Foundation will allow you to directly help Płock NGOs in their hard and often undervalued work. It will also make you expand the circle of Płock companies, for which the responsibility for their employees and residents of the city in which you work is of undeniable value.

Our actions

first initiative of this type
in Central and Eastern Europe
of uninterrupted operation
million PLN
of the total amount of co-financing
edition of competitions
participants of co-financed projects
Co-financed projects

Foundation Authorities

The Council of Founders

Roman Siemiątkowski
Deputy President
of the City of Płock
Chairman of the Council of Founders

Jan Aleksander Rosek
Member of the Board, Production Director of
Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. zo.o.

Anna Ziobroń
Director of Sponsorship
and Events Department of


Foundation’s Council

Wioletta Kulpa
Chairman of the Foundation’sCouncil

Michał Luczewski
Deputy Chairman of the Foundation’s Council
City Hall of Płock

Agnieszka Rejnowicz
Secretary of the Foundation’s Council
Basell Orlen Polyolefins sp. z o.o

Edyta Mierzejewska
Member of the Foundation’sCouncil
City Hall of Płock

Jacek Choroszewski
Member of the Foundation’s Council
Basell Orlen Polyolefins sp. z o.o

Martyna Malicka – Róg
Member of the Foundation’s Council

Foundation Board

Justyna Pesta
Chairwoman of the Board

Monika Maron
Member of the Board

Arkadiusz Ciesielski
 Member of the Board

Program Board of the XIII term:
Selected by the Foundation Council in December 2020

Joanna Kaczmarska
Chairwoman of the Program Board

Renata Nych

Jacek Karolak


Artur Kras

Tomasz Marzec

Radosław Malinowski

Tomasz Miecznik

Mariusz Pogonowski

Robert Czwartek

Piotr Lisocki

Adam Mieczykowski

Leszek Brzeski

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