The history of Foundation starts from 14th October 2002 when the representatives of Płock City Hall, PKN ORLEN S.A., and UNDP signed the letter of intent on the establishment of “Forum for Płock” (“Forum dla Płocka”).The aim of the project was to include local business and social organisations in joint actions with Council to evaluate and update “The Strategy of the City of Płock development until 2012” (“Strategii Rozwoju Miasta Płocka do 2012 roku”). For six months, nearly 50 local organisations representing Płock business, non-governmental organizations, residents and local government, cooperated in creating and establish development priorities for the city. The work ended in June 2003 with the adoption of the “Strategy for Sustainable Development of the City of Płock” and the signing of a declaration of cooperation for the implementation of the strategy’s objectives. I would like to congratulate everyone who has worked on the Development Strategy for Płock – said Colin Glennieat the ceremony of receiving the document, a permanent representative of UNDP in Poland – The development of the city would not be possible without the existence of a strategy. Płock is a pioneer in creating such initiatives and a leader on the European market in this respect – he added.

Another pioneering initiative that emerged during the work of the Forum for Płock was the establishment on the initiative of the City of Płock and PKN ORLEN S.A. Grant Fund for Płock in May 2003. The fund was to be a financial base for Płock non-governmental organizations working to support the Sustainable Development Strategy. Initial capital amounted to PLN 1.1 million, of which PLN 500,000 was transferred to PKN ORLEN SA and 600,000 PLN to the city. UNDP has taken care of the project. The role of UNDP is to facilitate contacts between the private and public sectors. We will also control the Fund’s operations and give advice – Colin Glennie emphasized. In the course of work, another business partner joined the Fund – Levi Strauss Poland. Thanks to the financial support of all three entities, the Fund issued three editions of grant competitions, in which it awarded 121 grants for a total amount of nearly 2,100,000 PLN.

After three editions of competitions, the UN recognized that its role as a project administrator was over and the Fund is ready to hand it over to the local community. Therefore, the founders of the Fund (City of Płock, PKN Orlen S.A.) together with the newly acquired partner – Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. z o.o. and representatives of UNDP worked on the creation of a foundation that will take over the activities of the Grant Fund for Płock and will support the development of local society. Levi Strauss Poland withdrew from the group of founders for formal reasons.

The notarial act establishing the Foundation of Representatives of the Founders, so Płock City Hall, PKN ORLEN S.A. and Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. z o.o., was signed on December 15, 2005. The founding capital of the “Grant Fund for Płock” Foundation amounted to 1,000,000 PLN. The city has donated 600,000 PLN, PKN ORLEN S.A. 300,000 PLN, Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. z o.o. 100,000 PLN The Foundation took over the name and tasks of the Grant Fund for Płock. On March 24, 2006, the Foundation gained legal personality and was entered into the National Court Register – the Register of Associations, Other Social and Professional Organizations, the Foundation and Public Health Care Establishments.

The foundation “Grant Fund for Płock, thanks to the support of founders, has been financing and settling grants given to Płock non-governmental organisations for the last 16 years and initiating its own projects that reach social niches. In their previous activity, among others, 12 editions of grant competitions (so-called all-season) and 7 editions of competitions concerning the organisation of children’s and youth’s holiday during holidays and school holidays. Two years ago, we launched a new competition to finance projects for the citizens of Płock, which are implemented by individuals and informal groups. So far, from the beginning of its existence, the Fund supported over 400 projects for a total amount of nearly 5.6 million PLN, and about 107,000 people participated in the projects. *

* current information as at January 2018

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